Veterans Administration Announces Pension Increase for 2019

The Veterans Administration (VA) recently announced an increase of 2.8% to its pension benefits commencing January 1, 2019.  Pension benefits are for “non-service” related disabilities; i.e., the veteran’s disability did not arise from injuries received during active duty or injuries exacerbated by active duty.


The new monthly benefits will be as follows:

                                                Veteran (single)          Veteran (one dependent)      Widow

Improved Pension                   $1,127                         $1,476                                     $   755

Housebound                            $1,378                         $1,726                                     $   923

Aid & Attendance                    $1,880                         $2,230                                     $1,209


Keep in mind that effective October 18, 2018, the VA may impose a penalty period  for some  gifts from a veteran to a non-spouse to try to  qualify  for a pension.

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AUTHOR: Joseph Mattera

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