OSBA Council of Delegates

We are pleased to announce that attorney Mike Sandner has been re-elected, and Katie Wahl has been elected, to represent District 2 in the OSBA Council of Delegates.  The Council of Delegates is the OSBA’s own “house of representatives,” with 133 members, proportionally representing each OSBA district around the state. One of the primary responsibilities of the Council of Delegates is to vet committee and section proposals and determine if they will become priority legislation for the Association, thereby empowering the OSBA’s government affairs team to take them to the Ohio General Assembly (or other appropriate body such as Congress or the Ohio Supreme Court) to be adopted.   In 2017 alone, 27 different law changes were enacted based upon OSBA member ideas. Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling would like to congratulate both Mike and Katie for this outstanding accomplishment.


AUTHOR: Jan Burden

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