Long Term Care Insurance

Over the years, people have shied away from long-term care insurance (LTCI) for various reasons. One of the main reasons is the worry of paying premiums for a number of years and never needing the benefit.
Insurance companies are now offering an alternative to straight LTCI to ease concerns of paying premiums and never needing the benefits. Asset-based long-term care is an option that permits a person to invest in (generally) a whole-life insurance policy or an annuity product. The assets can be arranged to pay for some long-term care expenses when needed. The proceeds from such a care plan to pay for long-term expenses are not subject to (federal) income taxes.
The important feature of the care plan is that if the person does not use the long-term care feature, the life
insurance or annuity passes to the beneficiary on the policy or the person’s estate. Therefore, the premiums
are not wasted.
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AUTHOR: Joseph Mattera

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